Changelog v.1.17

Welcome to Version 1.17 which includes job-specific content feeds, browsing of organizations, and the ability to download a CSV file of completed Skilltype learning.

 Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 11.24.55 AM
Users have the ability to browse Organizations



Customized feeds: Feeds of content and events are now customized for each learner based on your chosen job role, populating feeds with relevant learning content right away 

Browse by Organization: Skilltype users can browse by organizations to learn which skills specific libraries may be looking for and tailor their learning journey accordingly 

Organization Visibility: Organizations can customize the visibility of their profiles and are empowered to choose whether other Skilltype learners (followers) can find them or not 

Download CSV of Learning: After marking items as complete, learners can now download a CSV file of their completed Skilltype learning activities, making it easier to share progress with a manager or supervisor.


Skilltype Users can request and download a CSV file of completed activity 


  • Display issues with embedded PDFs have been resolved  
  • Revoked users no longer appear in organization directories 
  • Consortium managers can see which member organizations users belong to when exporting data

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