Changelog v.1.19

Welcome to Version 1.19 which lays the ground work for Skilltype's upcoming release of Teams feature.  

Coming soon: Teams in Skilltype



Preparation for Teams: Organization subscribers will soon be able to view team-based insights about the skills, product experience and interests of their members to make the most of Skilltype data. Organizations will be able to arrange members into teams with designated managers that mirror the departments, branches, and groups which people work in every day. Managers will be able to use Skilltype insights to encourage team learning and skill development.

We are currently testing out these new features and anticipate the release of team insights in the coming weeks. 

Example of "Creating a Team" in Skilltype Coming soon: Creating a Team in Skilltype


  • Completed bug fixes related error messages and item uploading. 
  • Improved API responses, explored updates to Skilltype's permission framework and automated end-to-end testing.

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