Changelog v.1.17

Welcome to Version 1.17 which includes job-specific content feeds, browsing of organizations,...

October 2021 Townhall

A dozen new feature additions to the platform for both learners and managers

Changelog v.1.16

V1.16 has a little something for everyone! Learners get weekly recommendations, can "complete"...

RLUK Digital Shift Forum | Introducing Skilltype: talent management for GLAM sector - Tony Zanders

September 2021 Update

Demonstration of the new Talent Audit feature for libraries

Changelog v.1.15

Introducing Talent Audit - an automation for libraries to surface real-time skill gaps across...

Designing research library talent strategy for 2030

I am not a code! I am a human being!

"Is the Valerie in the Skilltype chat an actual person? Or AI?"The above was a question that came...

Changelog v.1.14

Introducing a new Skilltype for Teams onboarding experience for library managers.

August 2021 Update


Introducing new team members and talent audit, with new senior library talent analyst.