Changelog v.1.9.1

Some minor updates to our learner experience.

April 2021 Update

In this update, we debuted Skilltype for Networks consortial functionality.

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Changelog v.1.9

Introducing consortial functionality to Skilltype.

March 2021 Update

Introducing Skilltype for Networks -- our consortial offering is now in development

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Changelog v.1.8.2

We're now experimenting with expertise data hygiene and introducing global skill counts.

February 2021 Update

Tour of new marketing website, new customer announcements, and 2021 conference schedule

Accessibility @ Skilltype

Overview of Skilltype’s approach to A11Y

Changelog v.1.8.0

v1.8.0 is our first release of the 2021: a major update with over 30 new features and 30 bug...

January 2021 Update

Skilltype business update and new customer announcements

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Changelog v.1.7.0

v1.7.0 included 25 new features and 3 bug fixes.