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Developing data-driven approaches to library organizational development

"Hello, my name's Tony Zanders and I'm the founder and CEO here at Skilltype. I'm excited to join this year's ER&L conference to discuss developing data-driven approaches to library organizational development. I'm joined today by colleagues, Dorothy Mackendrick, Director of Administrative & Strategic Services at the Tulane University Libraries and Alan Grosenheider, Deputy University Librarian at the UC Santa ...

January 2022 Townhall

Looks at Version 1.19, which lays the groundwork for Skilltype's upcoming release of the Teams...

December 2021 Townhall

Skilltype's new weekly recommendations digest, updates to Skilltype for Teams, as discussed...

November 2021 Townhall

During this meeting, we'll be discussing Changelog 1.17, along with a host of other new...

October 2021 Townhall

A dozen new feature additions to the platform for both learners and managers

Changelog v.1.16

V1.16 has a little something for everyone! Learners get weekly recommendations, can "complete"...

RLUK Digital Shift Forum | Introducing Skilltype: talent management for GLAM sector - Tony Zanders

September 2021 Update

Demonstration of the new Talent Audit feature for libraries

Changelog v.1.15

Introducing Talent Audit - an automation for libraries to surface real-time skill gaps across...

Changelog v.1.14

Introducing a new Skilltype for Teams onboarding experience for library managers.