Stories by Tony

Monthly Updates

April 2021 Update

In this update, we debuted v1 of Skilltype for Networks — the ability for a consortium to inventory skills and interests across member libraries.

Monthly Updates

March 2021 Update

Introducing Skilltype for Networks -- our consortial offering is now in development


Changelog v.1.8.2

We're now experimenting with expertise data hygiene and introducing global skill counts.

Monthly Updates

February 2021 Update

Tour of new marketing website, new customer announcements, and 2021 conference schedule


Accessibility @ Skilltype

Overview of Skilltype’s approach to A11Y. Originally published on November 20, 2019.


Changelog v.1.8.0

Introducing key expertise. 30 new features and 30 bug fixes.

Monthly Updates

January 2021 Update

Skilltype 2020 business update and new customer announcements


Changelog v.1.7.0

v1.7.0 included 25 new features and 3 bug fixes.

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