Changelog v1.5.27

Welcome Singapore. Fixed a search bug.

A bug mishandling multiword tags in search.

This release mostly consisted of bug fixes and performance improvements as we continue working towards a major development in item1 discoverability.


  • Added Singapore as a user and organization locale.
  • Added Singaporean organizations to database.
  • Switched from hard-coded list of organizations to retrieving from API.


  • Resolved bug mishandling multiword tags such as “Ex Libris Alma”.
  • Fixed bug requiring refresh for organization admin panel to appear.
  • Updated avatarImagePath to be an absolute URL path based on environment.
  • Resolved bulk upload issue failing to validate duplicate Affiliations2.


  1. Items are professional development resources such as videos, articles, presentations, along with career opportunities such as events, projects, jobs, and the like.

  2. Affiliations are organizations that a user can have a data sharing relationship with. (eg employer, professional association, alumni network, etc)


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