Changelog v1.6.0

Introducing browse.

1*OqOc_NKAAd7lVe9y-zuwtA v1 of Skilltype browse

Consistent with our recent monthly community updates, we are excited to present our first major update to item discoverability in the app, browse functionality. This first version of browse adds onto the top skills widget in the right sidebar of your feed by offering a page providing a single place to access our top professional development content across the app, regardless of the data added to your profile. Sections include conferences and associations, skills and interests, and products and services.


  • Users can tab to access the show/hide password button when logging in
  • The menu arrow now shows on all Feed items for screen reading purposes


  • Organization admins can now see the “Upload CSV” text that was missing from the dashboard invite panel.
  • Organization insights user lists no longer breaks when you click a tag

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