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Content Spotlight for March 8, 2021

To close out last week's Open Education Week, see some of the new Open Educational Resources (OER) items that were ...

To close out last week's Open Education Week, see some of the new Open Educational Resources (OER) items that were added to Skilltype, including this EDEN (European Distance and E-Learning Network) presentation, Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Through OER: Lessons from the Pandemic, along with new resources on Open Education, Open Access, and Open Science

This week is a busy one for conferences (as is next week, as well). Monday saw the beginning of both the 2021 ER&L (Electronic Resources & Libraries) Annual Conference  -- which included the joint Skilltype and Michigan State University session that first day, Empowering Staff with Personalized Professional Development: Using Skilltype at Michigan State University Libraries -- and Jisc Digifest 2021

Arguably, ER&L in the USA and Jisc in the UK cover similar Digital Literacy and Digital Initiatives territory; just on different sides of the Atlantic. 

Last year, the 2020 ER&L Annual Conference presented the opening keynote from Barbara Fister, Libraries and the Practice of Freedom in the Age of Algorithms, and included the presentation, Help from Consortia: Working Together for Negotiating Licenses and Contracts. The presentation by Melissa H. Cantrell and Juleah A. Swanson stemmed from their article, Funding Sources for Open Access Article Processing Charges in the Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities in the United States. The closing keynote was by Jennifer Kim, How You Can Advance Diversity, Equity & Inclusion -- with a Grassroots, Learning-Oriented Approach

Also last year, Jisc Digifest 2020 remixed its opening video to include glances at some of the event's presentations with Digifest 2020 - Where Will Your Mind Take You? The presentations included, Practical Approaches to Building the Digital Capability of Staff and Students, and Future of Assessment, and Teesside University's Digital Transformation Journey Towards Educating Students For The Future.

Bonus Selection!: Tools for Determining Equitable Representation of Women in LIS Publications, on behalf of International Women's Day.

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