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Content Spotlight for March 29, 2021

No conference during this busy month of March 2021 had so soothing a name as the CALM Conference. CALM actually stood ...

No conference during this busy month of March 2021 had so soothing a name as the CALM Conference. CALM actually stood for the Conference on Academic Library Management, which has the occasion for the opposite of calm, but the event did provide a handful more sessions for our Management, Leadership, Organizational Design, and Student Workers skill resources in Skilltype.

Along that line, all of the videos for RLUK, Research Libraries UK, for RLUK21, their 2021 annual conference event, are in Skilltype. Along with the keynote presentation mentioned last week, by MacKenzie Smith, University Librarian and Vice Provost of Digital Scholarship, University of California, Davis, with Moving to Open: the University of California's strategy and experience with transforming journal publishing, focusing on the new University of California deal with publisher Elsevier, a new development in Transformative Agreements and Scholarly Communications, there's the session, Evolving Values of the Research Library, which touches on Library Publishing and Strategic Planning.

Also mentioned last week, the last session of the Library Assessment Conference: Teaching & Learning and Value, already in Skilltype, starts with the presentation, The Collective: Assessing a State-Wide Training Program on Library Impact, presented by Lisa Hinchliffe (U of IL Urbana) and Karen Brown (Dominican University), adding to our resources on Assessment and for ARL, and you can find the five previous Library Assessment Conference sessions under either tag.

CAVAL, a university library consortium located in Australia, recently completed a three-part #SteerYourCareer webinar on Professional Development.

There have also been additions to our resources on Buildings and Spaces and Student Engagement.

Bonus Selection!: Going back to the beginning with CALM, see Networking for Career Development by Eileen Theodore-Shusta, ETS Coaching LLC.

The illustration above is the latest pie chart of percentages of the skill resources in Skilltype.

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