February 2022 Highlight

HubSpot Video

"I want to thank everybody for being here. So I'm Christine Quirion. I'm Skilltype's product manager and based in the Northeast and my responsibility is making sure that we build the features and data pieces into Skilltype that'll help libraries accomplish their talent management goals and deliver great service.

Okay. So what you'll be able to see with teams? We have a couple of different roles and different types of participants in teams. Members of your organization who are, that are owner or admin. So these there'll be some of the people that are on this call, we'll be able to create teams and see a roster of all the teams that an organization has.

So I've started by going to Skilltype and they'll be anyone who's, whether they're a team member or team manager can access some of their teams from this new card that's underneath their profile photo. So I'm a member of the Skilltype organization. And so I will be able to see the org profile as usual."

For more, watch the full video above.

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