Changelog v.1.22

Welcome to Version 1.22 which includes a Privacy Check and easier access to learning content. 


Changelog v.1.21

Welcome to Version 1.21 which includes improved navigation of Skilltype's Insights and...

Changelog v.1.20

Welcome to Version 1.20 featuring the release of Teams.  


Changelog v.1.19

Welcome to Version 1.19 which lays the ground work for Skilltype's upcoming release of Teams...

Changelog v.1.18

Welcome to Version 1.18 which introduces Skilltype's weekly recommendations digest. 


Changelog v.1.17

Welcome to Version 1.17 which includes job-specific content feeds, browsing of organizations,...

Changelog v.1.16

V1.16 has a little something for everyone! Learners get weekly recommendations, can "complete"...

Changelog v.1.15

Introducing Talent Audit - an automation for libraries to surface real-time skill gaps across...

Changelog v.1.14

Introducing a new Skilltype for Teams onboarding experience for library managers.

Changelog v.1.12

Introducing a new user onboarding to kickstart your personalized training journey.