Changelog (2)

Changelog v.1.11

Learning history and job role now live.

Changelog v.1.10.0

New settings for users to control personalized updates.

Changelog v.1.9.1

Some minor updates to our learner experience.

Changelog v.1.9

Introducing consortial functionality to Skilltype.

Changelog v.1.8.2

We're now experimenting with expertise data hygiene and introducing global skill counts.

Changelog v.1.8.0

v1.8.0 is our first release of the 2021: a major update with over 30 new features and 30 bug...

Changelog v.1.7.0

v1.7.0 included 25 new features and 3 bug fixes.

Changelog v1.6.0

Introducing browse.

Changelog v1.5.27

Welcome Singapore. Fixed a search bug.

Changelog v1.5.23

Visual modifications to profiles and feeds.