Monthly Updates (2)

Monthly Updates

February 2020 Update

Starting the dialog with the community around what questions Skilltype should answer for organizations.

Monthly Updates

January 2020 Update

Personalized feeds, topic feeds, saved items and more!

Monthly Updates

October 2019 Update

Demoed new marketing website, walked through updates to Organizations management, current and upcoming Sprint review, and described workflows on top...

Monthly Updates

September 2019 Update

We introduced the vision for Skilltype 2.0 to take the work out of learning and bring the learning back to work.

Monthly Updates

August 2019 Update

Walked through account management. Discussion around next month's focus on Resources. Was in a poor wi-fi spot that created choppy sound until 8:20....

Monthly Updates

July 2019 Update

We discuss plans to begin inviting users and work on the mobile app this Fall. Also discussed the role disciplinary expertise plays in a user's...

Monthly Updates

June 2019 Update

Reflecting on the Skilltype origin story and how much we've accomplished up to our 2nd birthday. Previewing the next 12 months plus goals for the...

Monthly Updates

May 2019 Update

We discuss the new user affiliation workflow and emphasis on privacy, user control, and GDPR compliance.

Monthly Updates

April 2019 Update

Tony offers a community update before walking through an extended demo of the new demo app.

Monthly Updates

March 2019 Update

This session updates the community on the status of the release of Organizations. We also introduce an early iteration of our Resources feature....

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